Hey, I'm Jessica!

I am a curly hair stylist and owner of Meraki Studio Salon located in Northwest Florida. I opened the studio in Valparaiso in 2018. I'm a native to the area  but traveling or exploring nature with my son and husband is what inspires me. I think the internet makes curly hair way more complicated than they are and I'm here to help you sort it all out. Your hair is beautiful, it doesn't need to be "fixed", love it, celebrate it, and embrace it!

" Free your hair and the rest will follow" 

-Lorraine Massey



Jessica R.

Jessica is EXACTLY what my curls have been needing! I went in for a curly cut today, she transformed my lifeless, frizzy hair into beautiful curls! I'm so excited to work with her in the future!

My hair was a wreck and I had no clue what I wanted to do with it. I drowsily slumped in her chair and said, "I don't care, just chop it off!" Instead, she pampered me with the most incredible shampoo and then cut my curly hair so artfully. My fresh cut curls hung beautifully and effortlessly. I came in feeling like a zombie and left feeling energized and pretty. Who knew a haircut could feel so great! 

Jessica brought my curls back to life! She listens and truly cares that you're happy with the finished product. And I love how she takes the time to teach you about your hair, the products she's using, and answers any and all questions! 

Lisa E.

Vallie O.


Its important to use the right products for your curly hair, expecially when you are just begining to embrace your curls. Finding the right products for your curls will make all the difference and help to transform your curls. 

The curly cut is for anyone who decides to embrace their curls it is not meant for someone who regularly heat styles their hair. Though I have training in multiple techniques- this is a dry cut. Cutting the hair dry enables me to create a beautiful shape and accentuate the curl pattern.


Dry? Damaged? Build-up? Treatments will help us get the best out of your curls. Treatments have a place somewhere in everyones routine- protein, moisture, remove build-up, we can work together to find out what it is your curls are craving. 

So you got all these great products and nothing is working? Most people do not realize the importance of HOW you apply the products. A  good wash and set on day 1 is the foundation of your curls for day 2, 3... ect. 



  445 Valpariso Parkway

    Valparaiso FL 32580


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Jessica Lessard

Curly Hair Specialist 

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