How do I prepare for my Curly Cut?

Clean, down, dry, and detangled. Please avoid ponytails, braids, buns and headbands as much as possible! Your curls should be completely dry and easy to seperate without too many tangles. Do not brush your hair when it is dry before your appointment but detangle with your conditioner when your hair is wet. If your hair does not meet this criteria we will do a Curl Coaching session and reschedule you for a Curly Cut.   

Can I buy my products online?

Yes! I am still working on this page, and I will update soon! For now you can use these links to find what you need! (affiliate links)

Why does the Deva Curl website have a different address listed?

I moved in July of 2018, after many emails and phone calls with Deva curl the info still has not been an update yet. Meraki Studio Salon 445 Valparaiso pkwy is the correct address. 

What is the best way to contact my stylist?

Still have questions after reading through this page? No worries! Because I work by myself, I am a mother, and a wife sending me a text is the best way to get ahold of me. I typically don't answer a phone call when Im with clients in the salon because they are paying for my time, a text message will give me a little flexibility to respond when I have a quick minute thought the day. Nights and weekends belong to my family, but I do look forward to talking to you! If it has been more than 48 hours please send me another message! Sometimes technology fails and sometimes messages get accidentally buried- forgive me and send me another message! Jessica 850-830-1958

What about color? 

I spent a lot of time in education for color and specialized in natural blended blondes but my passion is really with curl sculpting. In order for me to create more time in my schedule I had to stop taking new clients for color so that I could keep my availability open for curly cuts. 

What training does my stylist have?

I am currently trained in and previous Curl Coach with Deva Curl, Head Shape Matters, and Curly Hair Artistry. I have had training with some very talented artist including Scott Musgrave and Lorraine Massey. 

How much is my service going to


Head over to my booking link and look for the type of service your interested in and you will see the prices listed there.

What is the cancelation policy? 

Please give as much notice as possible, there is a 50% fee of the service scheduled for any no-show or cancelation within 24 hours. I understand things come up, but please be in contact with me if you think you might need to reschedule for any reason. 

Is a curly cut right for me?

If your on this website- probably! If you have even a little wave to you hair and want to learn to embrace it, then yes! If you heat style it all the time now but want to find a way to get it back to natural, then yes! Curly hair is more common than straight hair. If your still not totally sure what all this is about then let's schedule a consultation appointment and we can talk about it 1:1!

Can I book Online? 

Yes! Do it!

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